Fishing Report. Crappie, walleye, catfish, and bass


Winter 2019 Fishing report

Fishing Report Winter 2019

The lake is mainly open as of 2/8/19 the lake was mainly open, but the rivers were getting froze in.  39 cc and aldrich should be checked before wasting a trip.  ramps on the main lake so far are open.  Hopefully this blast of cold won't change that.

The crappie and walleye are finally are schooled up for the winter and feeding on the shad that are falling out of the huge schools of bait.  If you want to catch crappie, the best way is to find the schools of shad.  Depth isn't as important this time of year, just cruise around in coves looking for the huge cloud on you screen.  drop a jig either in the shad or just under them.  That is where you will find the crappie.  

Walleye+-Im not going to sit here and tell you that you can go rip walleye all day, but when you are catching the crappie, go on down towards the bottom and see if you can find some under the shad.  I usually find them under the crappie, i guess they like the leftovers.  

If you are looking for a fish guide on stockton lake, give me a call at 417-637-2277.