Fishing Report

Wyatt rips into a nice big walleye and earns the nickname, walleye wyatt.

Wyatt rips into a nice big walleye and earns the nickname, walleye wyatt.


Fishing Report


Water temp is 46 on main lake mid 50′s up the river arms

Lake Level is 686

Spring fishing is here and it’s easy to tell by watching the local bass tournament weigh in’s. Gary Burton brought his guys down for a tournament last Sunday and it took at least a 7lb fish to get into the top 4 big bass. Most of the 38 boats had limits of fish, and if you didn’t have at least 16 lbs, you were not going to get paid.

The bass hit on jigs in 6 to 12 foot of water with some of the larger fish hitting on jerkbaits along steeper banks under schools of shad. Spinnerbaits also worked well up the river arms in shallower water. It’s just another week or two away from the spawn, if the weather would just stay warm.

The crappie are “hit and miss” due to tall the fronts. one day will bring in a limit and the next they are hard to find. If you happen to show up during the hard to find days, try backing off and fishing a little deeper water. Slow things down a little bit. again, only a few warm days and the crappie will cut loose on an awesome spring bite, so keep your hooks sharp

The walleye spawn is on and its tuff to beat a rogue on main lake points after the sun sets. The females have just moved in to spawn so the next few days are an excellent chance to catch a wall hanger!! Fish betwee the bank and about 10 foot of water.

if you have any questions, 417-637-BASS×250-animated.gif

4 thoughts on “Fishing Report

  1. I’d like to possibly book a trip in late May, I’m interested in mainly walleye and catfish. How has it been for them and do you have any openings?

    • The walleye have been great. Catching lots of them. Catfish have been good after rainfalls but should be spawning in late may. I have some openings towards the end of may. Give me a call at 44172348988. Thanks Bob

    • Yes a fishfinder will awyals help by locating structure and fish. Downriggers depend on what types of lakes you fish and for what species. Big lakes where you’d fish for lake trout they are essential. Where trolling is allowed for walleye, pike, and muskie downriggers can be a big help but aren’t necessary. For the more shallow running fish a lot of people use planer boards or outriggers to troll several rigs at one time.

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