Fishing Report

Wyatt rips into a nice big walleye and earns the nickname, walleye wyatt.
Wyatt rips into a nice big walleye and earns the nickname, walleye wyatt.


Fishing report

I will be the first to admit I am the slowest in the world at updating my fishing reports. But the winter is here, and the fishing has been really good over the past couple of weeks.

The bass have really been going good. The jerkbait bite is starting, as well as a good jig bite. Find steeper banks with some big rocks and fish up to 20 foot deep. The fish are moving, depending on how much sun we get, and you will have to change depths as they move. It took 24 lbs of fish to win last weekend, so there are some big fish to be caught. I like to stay on the main lake up to 1/2 way back in the coves. as the water cools more slow down the jerk bait and let it sit. you will get more bites.

The crappie are on the bluffs, along with alot of walleye. Usually i catch crappie with an occasional walleye, this year it seems like more walleye are coming in. the crappie have been up to about 30 foot deep on 1/8 oz jigs, the walleye have been staying about 20 foot deep. fish the bluffs and the bluff ends as well as steep points.

I will be around some this winter, but plan on spending some time in panama city beach relaxing until the cold leaves. I talk with others all the time on the lake so if you have questions feel free to give me a call. 417-637-2277

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