Fishing Report

Wyatt rips into a nice big walleye and earns the nickname, walleye wyatt.

Wyatt rips into a nice big walleye and earns the nickname, walleye wyatt.


Fishing report


the walleye summer bite is going, which means you can catch lots of smaller fish, with a few keepers to go along with them. It’s always different as the water warms up, we had a limit sunday evening, then went back out monday and only had one keeper. your best bet is night crawlers using a bottom bouncer or just use a jig head and slow roll it on the bottom. the walleye seem to be holding in about 20 foot of water.

The crappie bite has been better over the past week, with minnows being the best bet. Brush piles in 20 foot of water are the most productive. If you are catching lots of shorts then find another pile. the bigger fish seem to hold together right now, so don’t waste to much time on them short fish

Bass are moving out to the brush piles also. don’t pass up all of the brush piles that MDC has put in the lake. not very many people fish these and they can hold some big /bass during the summer months. large worms and jigs are the best bet

Catfish are on the flats and hitting shad. use an smaller hook, thread the shad up on it, and let the wind drift you over 10 to 20 foot of water. lots of channel cat are being caught doing this.

The white bass have started surfacing on the flats. Evenings and early mornings are your best bet and throw about anything at them. I use a single hook rooster tail.

Good luck and give me a call if you have any questions.×250-animated.gif

4 thoughts on “Fishing Report

  1. I’d like to possibly book a trip in late May, I’m interested in mainly walleye and catfish. How has it been for them and do you have any openings?

    • The walleye have been great. Catching lots of them. Catfish have been good after rainfalls but should be spawning in late may. I have some openings towards the end of may. Give me a call at 44172348988. Thanks Bob

    • Yes a fishfinder will awyals help by locating structure and fish. Downriggers depend on what types of lakes you fish and for what species. Big lakes where you’d fish for lake trout they are essential. Where trolling is allowed for walleye, pike, and muskie downriggers can be a big help but aren’t necessary. For the more shallow running fish a lot of people use planer boards or outriggers to troll several rigs at one time.

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